Project overview

NOMA is a new district to the Oklahoma City area which stands for North On May Ave. Their goal is to help grow a community in North Oklahoma City just like many of the other local districts have done.

They wanted to start an annual music festival to promote local bands, food and stores. I worked them to create the branding for the event. All of the print and digital ads and a teaser video for the event.


I wanted to create a visual look to the event that would help convey what the event was without you even having to read the text. So using a musical instrument was the best choice and the guitar is easily recognizable to everyone. Furthermore, a guitar gave the most flexibility to play with using the neck as a "street" to show North May with shopping stores.


In the rough draft I had the idea to create different stores along the body of the guitar to represent the shopping in NOMA

NOMA Festival Drawing.JPG

Once I started to design the poster I quickly released that it would be better served to put the stores on the neck of the guitar. This way the guitar was still a big focal element but wasn’t over powering the rest of the art board.

NOMA_Music Festival Poster_Poster.jpg

After nailing down the look for the event, I took that style and made multiple print ads, a billboard and a flyer.

NOMA_Music Festival Print Ads_Edmond Life.jpg
NOMA_Music Festival Print Ads_Flyer.jpg
NOMA_Music Festival Print Ads_Gazette Ad.jpg
NOMA_Music Festival Banner-01.jpg

Last thing to do was create a promo video for the event to use to help grab peoples attention on social media. You automatically want to use footage of the previous years event to help in the making of the current years promo. However, since this is the first year I had no footage to use and didn’t want to misrepresent the event by using stock footage. Therefore, I used the artwork I created for the print ads as a style guide and made the promo in After Effects to give the text some life.